2nd Gourmet April Luncheon

  • 21 Apr 2016
  • 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Lynn Hopkins
  • 2


  • No cost to register or attend, however, the tally of all costs is divided over the number of attendees, this includes the cost of drinks, wine etc.

Registration is closed

April Luncheon Gourmet Theme: Spring Fling

1st Host: Jan McFarland and Co-Host: Cindy Tyley

2nd Host: Lynn Hopkins; Co-Host Rita Kaspar

If you have any questons or you'd like to host or co-host please email: laurabtussing@gmail.com


How much should I make? Enough for each house that hosts, averages about 8-10 people

Do I need to pay? Yes and No - keep track of your costs, save the receipt, at the end we tally up the cost of each dish and divide the total by the number of participants. This way everyone shares equally in the total cost of the meal.

Who gets to host? You are in luck not only is there a hostess, but there's a co-hostess for each house and she cooks the main course. They both plan the menu together and assign a recipe to each participant. The participant prepares the dish and brings it to the house ready to serve. 

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